Remy Ma: ‘Be very careful about the decisions you make’

    RemyMaRemy Ma had a post-incarceration message for young people who may not yet realize how one bad choice can change the course of their lives.

    “You have to be very careful about the decisions that you make. One mistake could literally negate every good thing that you’ve done your whole life,” Remy told the “106 & Park” audience.

    The rapper was just recently released from jail after a 6-year sentence, and she said having to depend on others was one of the most difficult parts about being behind bars.

    “The hardest thing that it took me to get used to was asking people for things,” she said. “You can’t just go to the store…When you’re calling somebody asking for basic things, like a bar of soap…it’s very hard.”

    Remy said the experience taught her a lot, and she passed on that knowledge to her fans.

    “You could be the best person in the world. You could do everything perfect and one little thing could alter your life dramatically,” she said.

    Watch her on “106 & Park” below.

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