Nikko Smith explains why he hid marriage from Mimi Faust

    NikkoIt might be hard for some “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” fans to believe, but Nikko Smith said he’s not too pleased with the way he was portrayed on the show.

    “I came off looking like an opportunist. Looking like a male chauvinist,” he told Vibe about his first season on the series. “It came off all wrong…I definitely wasn’t happy. As my character, I was painted as the bad guy. So, that’s how the show put me in that box.”

    Nikko was introduced to “LHHATL” fans as Mimi Faust’s love interest. Despite objections and warnings from her girlfriends, Mimi believed Nikko would treat her better than her ex Stevie J. However, after a sex tape of the two “leaked” to a company that produces porn, many speculated that Nikko purposely released the footage in an attempt to profit from Mimi’s fame.

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    “I didn’t even get paid for that season at all. It was cool though. I got the exposure. I knew what it was,” said Nikko about his initial season on the show. During that time, Nikko said Mimi was still dealing with Stevie. Apparently, that’s one reason he didn’t tell Mimi he was a married man.

    “I made a decision not to tell her because there was so much going on with this Stevie $h!t,” said Nikko. “I was taking this to my grave. This was some secretive $h!t I was doing. I didn’t tell Mimi. I didn’t feel as that she needed to know. Going into this third season, I think I might have stretched it out a little too long.”

    Nikko, who obviously had no intentions of proposing to Mimi, said he and his wife are separated now, but they remain cool.

    Though he’s not happy with his reality TV depiction, Nikko said he doesn’t regret signing on for the show. However, he wishes he’d done some things differently.

    “I regret the mishandling of the tapes. I regret that. I regret not handling it with the proper care and protection. That’s really what I regret more than anything,” said Nikko who hasn’t confirmed suspicions that he is responsible for the tape’s distribution.

    “That’s their opinion and they’re entitled to it,” he said of those who believe he “leaked” the footage. “I gotta stand on what it is, and it’s cool. I’m fine with that.

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