Lil Scrappy opens up about painful breakup

    TwitPics_Scrappy_22014On “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” viewers watch women literally claw and fight over him, but that doesn’t mean love has always been easy for Lil Scrappy.

    The rapper recently told the “Rickey Smiley Morning Show” crew about having his heart broken for the first time.

    “I cried. When I cried like that, I knew I had never been in love before,” said Scrappy about his breakup with Diamond.

    The “Sisterhood of Hip Hop” star didn’t just end things with him. She left him for another rapper, Soulja Boy. According to Scrappy, he and Diamond were still living together when Diamond started seeing Soulja.

    Though men don’t normally wear their hearts on their sleeves and stereotypically try to hide their emotions more times than not, Scrappy said when that heartache hit, he couldn’t hold it in.

    “I had a puddle right here. I’m talking about shirt wet,” he said.

    Since then, Scrappy’s been involved with Shay Johnson and Erica Dixon, to whom he was engaged. He’s currently dating Bambi, who VH1 fans know from “Love & Hip Hop: LA.”

    Watch Scrappy below.

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