Michael B. Jordan: ‘The Wire’ set the bar for acting career

    MichaelBJordanAfter portraying Wallace on “The Wire,” Michael B. Jordan said he’s particular about what roles he takes.

    “I want to say starting at a young age and working on a show like ‘The Wire’ set the bar extremely high,” said Michael who’s since worked on “Friday Night Lights” and starred in Fruitvale Station, both highly acclaimed projects.

    Michael, 27, was a teenager when he joined “The Wire” during its first season, and he said he didn’t know exactly what he was getting himself into.

    “We were actually supposed to get cancelled after the first season. We weren’t even supposed to come back for a season 2,” explained Michael who was slated as a recurring character.

    He said whenever he reviewed a script, before reading it all the way through, he scanned to see whether his character would survive the episode.

    “Nobody was safe on that show,” he told The Huffington Post.

    Most of the show’s fans still recall Michael’s final “The Wire” scene. He was killed off by those he considered friends.

    While “The Wire” fans likely can’t imagine anyone else as Wallace, Michael said he originally auditioned for another to be another “corner boy.”

    “I auditioned for Boddie’s character at first, but they thought I was too young,” he said. “I didn’t have any training. I didn’t have any class or anything like that.”

    Michael said the show’s creator David Simon is the one who knocked on the door of his trailer and informed him that Wallace would be dying.

    “Wallace was gone,” he said.

    Watch Michael’s interview below.

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