Mimi Faust doesn’t blame Nikko Smith 100 percent

    mimi_faust3Mimi Faust said she can forgive Nikko Smith for keeping his marriage a secret from her, but she’ll never trust him again.

    Though Mimi realized Nikko was still in contact with the woman she thought was an ex, but who turned out to be his wife of 10 years, Mimi had no real cause for suspicions.

    “The wife would call an awful lot and when I would ask him about it, he would say that’s an ex; they’re still friends,” Mimi explained to TheJasmineBrand.com. “They didn’t have a bad breakup like Stevie and I and they still communicate would be his response.”

    Mimi, who said she hasn’t spoken to Nikko recently, assured fans that she and Nikko are no longer together.

    “There’s no relationship; there’s no status,” she said. “I’ll probably never trust him again, but I can forgive that and move on.”

    Mimi definitely has plenty to forgive. In addition to keeping his marriage a secret, Nikko persuaded her to sign a contract with Vivid Entertainment, allowing the company to turn their sex tape into a porno movie.

    According to Nikko, he lost the footage, but Mimi’s friends, fans and critics suspect it was his plan all along to film and sell the video of their intimate interactions. Nikko’s former roommate also suggested that Nikko schemed and used her for her fame. However, she still seems to think there’s some truth to at least part of his story.

    “As far as the tape is concerned, the tape and bag was stolen and I don’t know, the bag did not come off the plane, so I really cannot point my finger at him 100 percent,” said Mimi who also recorded additional scenes for the movie after the “homemade” portions were acquired by Vivid.

    “They required additional footage for it be a certain amount of minutes. Initially, they had us by ourselves trying to get them the additional footage for it,” she said. “I was under contract and we had to give them what they needed at that point.”

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