Wiz Khalifa: ‘You gotta keep THOTs in their place’

    Wiz_KhalifaWiz Khalifa is a happily married man, but that doesn’t keep all the ladies away while he’s on tour, but he recently shared that avoiding them is not much of a struggle.

    “It ain’t hard. There is no temptation for me. You gotta keep THOTs in their place. I smoke with ‘em, chill, but it doesn’t go past that,” explained Wiz who admitted to smoking about an ounce of weed per day.

    With his “super fresh” wife Amber Rose and their toddler son, Bash, Wiz said it’s easy to stay grounded and focused.

    “I love my son. I take care of my son. Spending time with him is definitely that reset button that I be needing during the day,” he told Sister 2 Sister.

    Wiz’s model-turned-actress wife is of mixed ancestry, and his song  “We Dem Boyz,” he shows love to foreign and White women, but Wiz explained it hasn’t forgotten about the sisters.

    “At the end of the day, that’s were he I come from. So, it’s understood. Y’all should have my back. I was just trying to reach out to another audience,” he laughed.

    See Wiz talk more to Leila McDowell about the tour, Tyga, Islam and more. Watch.

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