Nivea bothered by Christina Milian love rectangle?

    NiveaChristina Milian is rumored to be pregnant with Lil Wayne’s baby and singer Nivea, who was once married to Christina’s ex-husband, is none too pleased.

    Nivea and Christina both have children by producer The Dream. Nivea also has a child with Lil Wayne. So, if Christina and Weezy are now bringing a new life into the world, Nivea said it will be confusing for their kids.

    “Ppl ppl ppl…Its actually hilarious that the [‘offended’] ones believe its ‘cute’ or ‘ok’ to confuse the sh*t out of your kids,” she reportedly wrote via Instagram.

    The Dream previously commented on their overlapping associations back in 2012.

    “I think that’s what everybody was thinking when the news broke. Everybody was thinking that, but supposedly Christina, she was not thinking of that at all,” he said.

    Rumors about a romantic relationship between Weezy and Christina began this summer when the two were spotted at multiple celebrity events together.

    However, neither has confirmed that they’re a couple or that Christina is pregnant with Wayne’s child, which would be his fifth. Weezy also has kids by Toya Wright and Lauren London.

    The “Voice” correspondent recently shaved the back of her head with the initials “TNT,” which many believe is an abbreviation for “Tina & Tunechi.”

    Watch The Dream below.

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