Deitrick Haddon teases ‘Preachers of L.A.’ season 2

    Deitrick_Haddon“Preachers of L.A.” fans learned a lot about Deitrick Haddon’s personal life on season 1 of the Oxygen show, and he said his co-stars will be sharing a lot more when season 2 premieres Wednesday.

    “I was very transparent the first season. I let it all hang out. I told people all my wrongs, all my mistakes, put myself out there. Nobody else stepped up to the plate like that,” he told Sister 2 Sister. “This season, you get more from the guys. They show a little bit more of their humanity. The whole premise of the show is for us to show people the flip side of ministry. We’re not all perfect and we don’t have all the right things to say at all the right times. We do have challenges. We do have little spats and fights and we do want to knock somebody out… It’s showing people the truth about who we are as believers, as men of God, as men of the cloth, we’re not perfect.”

    While some Christians criticize the preachers’ lifestyles, Deitrick scoffed at rumors that their congregations have suffered as a result of the reality show. If anything, their memberships have grown, not decreased in size.

    “That’s not a rumor. That’s a lie. If you go to all these guys’ churches, they’re putting chairs down,” said Deitrick. “My ministry is expanding.”

    Though he’s been blessed by the show, Deitrick said he and his co-stars are not on the show to flash their wealth.

    “In the beginning, they thought we were going to be promoting our Bentleys and cars. I’m very modest. I do not have a ‘show off’ bone in my body outside of getting on stage and entertaining folks,” said Deitrick.

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    Prosperity pimping isn’t the only misconception people had in regard to the show. According to Deitrick, viewers who think he’s a hothead are mistaking.

    “I fuss with preachers on religious issues. Outside of that, you don’t get me fussing on about pretty much anything,” said Deitrick who believes strict religious teachings stole some of his childhood from him. “You got me being bold, standing up against it. When I turn up, especially when you want to talk about my personal business, I turn up.”

    Some people might prefer not to know all about their pastors’ challenges and personal problems, but Deitrick hopes viewers appreciate getting a different perspective.

    “Too see that side of their lives is amazing. I hope people will get it because it probably will never happen again,” he said. “I hope people really connect to it because it’s never been done before.”


    Take a peek at the season 2 premiere before it airs on Oxygen Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST.

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