Sheree Fletcher has forgiven Jessica Canseco

    TwitPics_ShereeFletcher_62614Unlike some of her “Hollywood Exes” co-stars, Sheree Fletcher said she’s been able to forgive cast member Jessica Canseco, who made comments that some viewed as racist during the show’s third season.

    Jessica, one of the two White girls on the cast, sent a text that expressed her belief that Black and White girls just don’t mix.

    That was of particular insult to some of the show’s stars, who pointed out that Jessica doesn’t seem to have a problem mixing with Black men.

    While things are still reportedly strained between Jessica and Drea Kelly and Shamicka Lawrence, Sheree said she has learned how to deal with her co-star.

    “With Jessica I think you just have to kinda know where people are and your expectations have to match that,” Sheree told Sister 2 Sister.

    Sheree said she tries not to take Jessica’s remarks personally, even when Jessica began cursing at her.

    “Some people just have a hard time owning their stuff and taking responsibility and that’s never personal,” Sheree said. “It’s always more of their issue than it is yours. You just have to put things in their proper place and know what you’re dealing with and make the decision to move on.”

    There’s more to this story. Pick up the September 2014 issue of Sister 2 Sister for more from Sheree.

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