Tameka Raymond wants ‘Atlanta Exes’ to clear up misconceptions

    Tameka_RaymondTameka Raymond said she hopes her “Atlanta Exes” exposure will help clear up some misconceptions about her.

    Most people know Tameka as Usher Raymond’s ex-wife and have read about their marriage, divorce custody battle and tragic loss of a child. However, she said there’s more to her than the headlines people have read.

    “Hopefully, they’ll figure out that I’m a girl. I’ve been a man for 7 or 8 years. Maybe it’ll establish that I’m a female,” joked Tameka, scoffing at those who’ve accused her of looking manly.

    Unlike some of her co-stars, Tameka has been in the spotlight for years now and has already dealt with the gossip, criticism and rumors that might be new territory for her cast mates.

    “I’ve already heard every rumor under the sun,” she told StraightFromTheA.com. “I love that it’s not much more that they can come up with.”

    While she’s already made quite an impression with viewers after only two episodes aired, Tameka doesn’t consider herself as attention-hungry as some reality TV stars.

    “I really consider myself the antithesis of it. I’m kinda super private,” she said. “I’m usually very anti-drama. I really don’t like drama; although, my life is surrounded by it. It seems to follow me.”

    What did Usher say about Tameka joining the show? Watch it below.

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