Wayne, Myesha Chaney address preachers’ materialism

    MyeshaChaney_WayneChaneyWhen it comes to how they spend their money and what they buy, Pastor Wayne Chaney said it’s unfair how harshly men of God are judged.

    The “Preachers of L.A.” star acknowledges that some church leaders may abuse their positions to take advantage of their congregations, but more of them are as hardworking and underpaid as the people they serve.

    “I know pastors across the country. I don’t think it’s fair for a negative shadow to be cast on the people in ministry because of the abuses of a few,” Wayne told Sister 2 Sister. “I don’t know of many in my entire life who have actually abused their churches and did not do things in balance without any accountability.”

    Many ministers, bishops and the like have received a bad rap for driving around in expensive cars and owning elaborate homes while their church members struggle financially. Some critics even accuse church leaders of using others’ tithes and offerings for their personal purposes.

    However, Wayne warned naysayers not to be too quick to assume that the preacher rolling around in a luxury car used church funds to do so.

    “Most of the guys I know in ministry, who have above average lives, are guys who have other sources of income. I did not take a raise from my church in 10 years. The membership tripled or quadrupled. The giving followed suit. That’s a significant increase. In that time period, I took no salary increase,” explained Wayne. “God honored that sacrifice and opened up other opportunities that afforded me the ability to do better for my family unit. People would see that and assume that it came from the church. We’re the only profession where we’re scrutinized for whatever we get.”

    Wife Myesha Chaney suggested that God wants church leaders to enjoy a blessed life just as He does everyone else.

    “People of faith work just as hard as anybody else and God allows us to enjoy the fruit of our labor,” she said. “I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong or that people of faith should live a substandard life and give everything they have to the poor and live as a poor man, and yet preach about God being a provider and God being a sustainer and yet not allowing it to be respected in their own personal life. I don’t agree with that. Live according to the life that you’ve been given. Enjoy the time you have on this earth.”

    Get more from Wayne and Myesha below and when “Preachers of L.A.” season 2 premieres on Oxygen tonight at 10 p.m. EST.

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