‘Preachers of L.A.’ stars discuss Michael Brown shooting

    Deitrick_Noel_Jay“Preachers of L.A.” stars Noel Jones, Jay Haizlip and Deitrick Haddon weighed in on the unrest in Ferguson, Mo., following the fatal shooting of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown.

    “The young man shouldn’t be dead today,” said Deitrick whose counterpart believes the same goes for all the victims of Black-on-Black crimes.

    “Everyone is running to Ferguson. Why don’t we run to Chicago?” asked Noel. “It happens too frequently, but it is not as frequent as us killing ourselves.”

    Noel thinks the attention the Michael Brown case is getting is a good thing, but he said it’s not enough for the African-American community to speak out against police shooting of unarmed minority men.

    “What we need is not just African-American preachers screaming about the injustice. What we need is our brothers who happen to be Caucasian in the body of Christ…” said Noel, looking in co-star Jay’s direction.

    Jay, the only White cast member on “Preachers,” agreed and encouraged those who are joining together in Ferguson, Mo., to make a positive impact.

    “I do want to compliment all of the good people who are standing up and uniting together to let their voice be heard,” he said. “Racism is a very evil thing. To me, it’s demonic and really eats away at the fabric of our society.”

    Watch the preachers below.

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