Tameka: Usher marriage ‘didn’t stand a chance’

    TamekaRaymondWith all the haters too happy to spread gossip about their marriage, Tameka Raymond said she and Usher were practically doomed from the start.

    “We didn’t stand a chance in hell,” Tameka said on the “Rickey Smiley Morning Show.”

    Unlike some high-profile marriages, the “Atlanta Exes” star said Usher Raymond’s fans never rooted for them to stay together. They were not #TeamTameka.

    “They were never supportive to begin with. We didn’t have the love,” shared Tameka who said Usher unknowingly made things worse.

    “He was trying to defend his relationship with me. It made them more mad at me. People went really, really hard on me,” she said.

    While some may wonder whether their age difference was a factor, Tameka pointed out that Usher always dates older women. According to her, most of his relationships were with women who are around Tameka’s age.

    “The famous girlfriends he’s had, have been the same amount older,” she said.

    Fans’ dislike is one thing, but Tameka said that wasn’t the only negativity plaguing their romance.

    “A lot of erroneous stories got passed around,” she said. “All you have to do is know publicists and you can let erroneous stories get leaked. You can drop things in the media if you want to.”

    Was Usher leaking stories to the media? Tameka explains below. Watch.

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