Tina Knowles refutes Beyoncé, Jay-Z troubled marriage rumors

    BeyonceTina2LongFPSSTina Knowles addressed the rumors of trouble in her daughter’s marriage.

    For months, there has been speculation about Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s union. Since the infamous footage of Solange Knowles beating on her brother-in-law in an elevator surfaced, many have explained it by suggesting that Jay-Z has been unfaithful to his “Drunk in Love” wife.

    However, Tina said that’s not the case. “Everything’s perfect,” the Knowles matriarch told TMZ.com.

    When asked if the constant gossip about her child bothers her, Tina said she doesn’t even read the stories about Bey and Jay.

    “Haters gonna be haters and there’s nothing we can do about that,” she said.

    Watch it below.

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