Benzino unsure of ‘LHHATL’ return, addresses Stevie J beef

    BenzinoHis friendship with Stevie J is over, and the same might be true for Benzino’s time on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

    The music producer said things have become too negative on the hit VH1 reality show, and he’s not happy with the direction in which things have been going.

    “I think this season was just so crazy,” he told Hot 107.9 in Atlanta. “You wanna be positive. At this point in my life, I’ve been through enough negativity and enough craziness in my life that at this point, I want everything to be positive.”

    Unfortunately for Benzino, season 3 of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” ended with a reunion show bout between him, Stevie J, fiancée Althea Hart, Joseline Hernandez and a few other cast members.

    “I’m not even proud of it. I’m not proud of beefin’ with Sleazo on TV. I’m not trying to cosign anything that you handle your disagreements with fighting,” said Benzino who took issue with Joseline’s repeated threats toward Althea.

    Earlier in the season, Althea admitted to Benzino that she had sex with Stevie J. While Benzino was able to accept it and move along, Joseline didn’t appreciate that Althea would become a constant fixture in their lives as Benzino’s new woman.

    “Joseline’s just been constantly threatening Althea. After a while, it just becomes a situation,” he explained. “Who is responsible for her always being on TV always threatening her life? If someone’s aggressively on you, you have to defend yourself.”

    Benzino said he was always taught to protect his woman, and while he’s been criticized for inserting himself in the ladies’ beef, he isn’t apologetic for defending Althea.

    Though the disagreements and violence have Benzino pondering whether or not he’ll be back for season 4, he said the show has been a positive experience.

    “A lot of good’s come out of it, too. A lot of people recognize me from the show. The love is ridiculous,” he said. However, he might sacrifice those perks if he’s unable to bring more positivity to the show.

    “If moving forward for season 4, if they want me and [Althea] back, and if it’s something where we could show progress and show our love… I’m not trying to fight anybody, and I don’t want her fighting anybody and I don’t want her being threatened. If it’s going to be anything but that, then who knows,” he said. “I know we supposed to start shooting season 4 in 2 months. I haven’t gotten a call yet.”

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