Mariah Carey evades questions about divorce

    TwitPics_MariahCarey_3614Mariah Carey didn’t confirm or deny rumors that her marriage to Nick Cannon is all but over.

    When the iconic singer was recently asked whether the gossip is true, she responded in true diva fashion by politely replying, but not actually giving an answer.

    “I’m sorry, sweetie. It’s too hot out here to talk,” Mariah responded to Splash News when confronted with the rumors.

    For weeks now, stories have been circulating about the power couple’s split, and E! News reported that Nick had confirmed that he and Mariah have been living apart for a while.

    That news was followed by reports that Mariah had slapped her estranged hubby with a confidentiality agreement that barred him from talking about their pending divorce or the terms of any custody agreement that might result.

    It seems Mariah is willing to follow the same rules by which she’s asked Nick to abide.

    “No, I never comment,” she said.

    Though many initially assumed that Mariah decided to end things between her and Nick, friends of the “America’s Got Talent” host insisted he left her, according to TMZ.

    Reportedly, Nick is concerned for Mariah’s and his children’s mental stability and believes the environment around her is “toxic.”

    Despite any rumored concerns about her health, the Cannon family still seems to hold Mariah in high regard. Nick’s father James Cannon, recently described Mariah as an “angel.”

    “Mariah was a beautiful part of our family,” James told The New York Post. “I see Mariah as an angel to our family and an angel to my son.”

    While some assumed infidelity was the cause of their breakup, Mariah’s past interviews and comments by James suggest their busy schedules are to blame.

    “They are living a dream life with teams of people pulling them separate ways, so they get tired and exhausted and that’s when you make mistakes,” said James who does not believe his son was unfaithful. “It would be my hope that they can find a way to save this marriage.”

    Get more from Nick’s father James here.


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