Tameka Raymond disappointed in ‘Atlanta Exes’ portrayal

    Tameka_Raymond_HollywoodExesTameka Raymond wants “Atlanta Exes” fans to know that the character they see portrayed on the VH1 reality show, isn’t the real her.

    Most viewers are aware that Tameka lost one of her children in a tragic Jet Ski accident, and she explained that the trial was going on during the time the show was taping. On top of that, she found out another child was sick.

    “I was faced with the daunting task of moving out of my home, learning of my 6 year old’s diagnosis of juvenile diabetes and enduring the trial surrounding my son Kile [Glover]’s death,” said Tameka who clarified that she’s not looking for pity.

    “I felt we were putting together a fluid narrative, but the editors took much of the logic out in the editing room and omitted a few kinder, more lighthearted scenes,” she wrote in her blog. “So, much of what you saw attitude wise didn’t make sense. And when things don’t make sense the viewer assumes the worst—which is exactly what happened.”

    Tameka said she turned down other reality shows in the past but believed that “Atlanta Exes” would be “positive and inspiring.” Instead, she feels she’s turned into a reality TV stereotype.

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    “This show was supposed to be different,” she said. “I am disappointed and frustrated to be presented like that. I am not that woman. I am blessed with a wonderful family, genuine friendships, and vast opportunities to inspire and affect change in the lives of millions.”

    Since the show’s premiere, Tameka has argued with Sheree Buchanan and Torrei Hart. In the case of Sheree, Tameka said she’s realized she needs to soften her approach when it comes to criticizing her friends.

    “I only critique people I care about,” she said. “Although what I say may seem harsh, it comes from a sincere place.”

    Tameka’s response to her disagreement with Torrei was a tad less gracious.

    “Anything having to do with the loss of my son is off limits, especially when mockery or childish fodder is included. I can’t untangle those feelings for TV,” she said.

    Fans of the show likely remember that during one of two verbal arguments with Tameka, Torrei questioned Tameka about custody and why she isn’t the primary guardian of her kids. In an earlier scene, Torrei speaks to a girlfriend about Tameka’s attitude and repeated gossip suggesting Kile’s death might be Tameka’s karma.

    “That is so inappropriate as to be beyond description,” said Tameka. “The fact that she was even able to say that on camera is unconscionable.”

    Tameka explained that it was those scenes that nearly caused her to quit the show, but she decided to soldier on.

    “I didn’t quit. I’m not a quitter. My life shows that,” she said.

    Get more from Tameka on her blog.

    Watch a preview of Monday’s episode.

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