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    Jamie Foster Brown pens open letter to Joan Rivers


    Sister 2 Sister Publisher Jamie Foster Brown shared some thoughts about Joan Rivers, after hearing that the iconic comedian is critically ill.

    Joan, 81, who was reportedly in a coma is still at Mount Sinai Hospital and is “getting better,” according to The Daily News.

    UPDATE: Joan Rivers was declared dead on Thursday, September 4.


    Ask me why I love Joan Rivers

    Years ago when Joan had her “Gossip Gossip Gossip” show and the “Joan Rivers Show,” I fell in love with her sincerity, kindness and humanity. I was one of her gossip columnists and she was always so gracious. I remember sitting in her Joan_Riversdressing room one day while her team of handlers were there along with her manager. I watched as her hair and make up were being done while she chose what jewelry she wanted for her QVC show. She asked me my opinion and the one piece I particularly liked, she surprisingly gave it to me. I still wear and cherish it today. Her staff told her who would be on the show that day, gave her the synopsis of who was on the show and the questions she should ask. I was fascinated that she had two TV shows, a stand up comedy tour, making a movie with [daughter] Melissa. It wasn’t hectic. She was a commodity. A product that her team not only moved from one venue or project to another, but also made sure she was comfortable, fed, dressed and healthy. I’ve always admired that. I always wanted that.

    She was so kind but also territorial. When Geraldo [Rivera] started booking me for his show, they were both housed in the CBS building. I had a fancy way of eye-candy dressing when appearing on their shows. One day Joan saw me heading in to do Geraldo’ s show with a particularly sexy gorgeous outfit. She stopped and reprimanded me saying, “Why didn’t you wear that on my show!?” I just loved her.

    But the thing most important to me about Joan is because of her, she convinced my oldest son, who dropped out of Brown University, to go right back there. He graduated on the Dean’s list. Thank you, my little Joanie. I’ve always loved you up to the sky and down to the ground.

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