Should Joseline Hernandez be allowed to return to ‘LHHATL’?

    JoselineThe “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” cast members expressed their frustration with co-star Joseline Hernandez on Part 2 of the reunion show Monday night.

    Momma Dee and others seemed to suggest that it’s time for VH1 and the powers that be to get rid of the often-volatile Puerto Rican Princess.

    “A monster has been created. The only way to put the fire out, is to extinguish it because if you don’t, she’s going to tear down this whole empire,” said Momma Dee who was as shell-shocked as viewers after witnessing Joseline run around the “LHHATL” stage attacking cast members.

    After a slick comment from Benzino about Joseline and Stevie’s rumored drug use, the couple attacked their former friends. Joseline had to be restrained by security guards, but she escaped their grasp at least once and attacked Tammy Rivera.

    “I think I was sitting too pretty,” Tammy later said after fixing the ponytail Joseline snatched off her head. “She came from around the corner…and she tried to swing and she missed.”

    Deb Antney, Tammy’s mother-in-law, defended Tammy and didn’t hesitate to get physical with Joseline.

    “I’m really unhappy with the fact that I had to appear like that,” she said. “She came up like Hercules…We were not dealing with a human at that time.”

    Kirk Frost and Rasheeda, who was sitting near Althea Heart when Joseline attacked, seemed disgusted by the display.

    “This is an embarrassment,” Rasheeda said. “It’s gone way too far.”

    Deb suggested that the production begin to provide drug testing for the co-stars and Joseline’s former manager Dawn confirmed that Joseline and Stevie do indulge.

    “I see Stevie as her pimp, not as her husband or boyfriend,” Dawn said.

    After taking a quick survey of the cast members who remained on stage after the melee, it became clear that Stevie is Joseline’s only friend on the show.

    As the attacks on her character and behavior continued, many suggested that Joseline was not in her right mind. They also hoped aloud that she receives some professional help. Does that include an exit from the show?

    Of course, Joseline isn’t the first reality star to physically assault a co-star on camera, but her latest incident is at the top of the list of the most violent altercations.

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