Tamar Braxton: ‘Nothing was going to stop me’

    Tamar BraxtonWhen Tamar Braxton approached a crossroad in her life, she had to choose between traditional expectations and following her dream. The choice was easy.

    “I never wanted to do anything other than sing and act,” Tamar said in a preview of Saturday’s “Being.”

    The “Braxton Family Values” star said when classmates were receiving acceptance letters to Ivy League institutions, she had to ignore advice from teachers and friends and forge her own path.

    “Everything that had anything to do with singing, I was a part of,” said Tamar who sang in chorus and starred in musicals as a teen. “It was just all about singing for me. I think everybody knew that’s what I wanted to do.”

    That didn’t stop them from trying to persuade her to attend college, but Tamar decided that wasn’t the right choice for her.

    “I remember my guidance counselor got so upset with me and she told me that, ‘You’re not going to go to college. You’re going to end up working at McDonald’s,’” Tamar recalled.

    Instead of letting the negativity destroy her, Tamar said that fueled her fire.

    “I just remember how I felt at that moment. I felt so defeated and I felt, at that moment, nothing was going to stop me from being what I wanted to be.”

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