Usher announces tour, talks Tameka Raymond

    USHERUsher Raymond said he’s been a bit too preoccupied with putting together his next tour to tune into “Atlanta Exes” and watch his ex on TV.

    “I have no feelings about it whatsoever. I haven’t seen it,” he told Dish Nation. “I’ve been kinda busy raising kids and making records and videos.”

    The VH1 reality show co-stars Usher’s ex, Tameka Raymond. Though they’ve been divorced for nearly six years, the former stylist still uses Usher’s last name. For now, he doesn’t mind, but he might prefer her to drop it under certain circumstances.

    “I’ll marry again and when I do…I don’t want to have a harem. I just hope that when I do, it’ll be a departure,” said Usher who engaged in a game of “Smash, Marry, Tase.”

    Usher’s choices were Chilli, Nicki Minaj or Rihanna. Being the gentleman that he is, the crooner quickly protested that he wouldn’t tase any woman. He was almost just as quick to name Chilli as the one he’d go to bed with.

    “I would definitely smash, but I already did, Chilli. I’m just saying,” he said.

    The “Caught Up” singer’s The U.R. Experience tour begins November 1 in Montreal and tickets go on sale September 8.

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