Marriage: Would You Accept a Proposal Without a Ring?


    You met the man of your dreams during a random encounter in a store two years ago and you two have been inseparable ever since then. He is a hard worker, adores you, and you have many things in common. One day he comes to you, kisses you on the hand, gets down on one knee, and tells you that he can’t imagine his life without you. You look down at him with excitement but you also look around for a ring and it isn’t there. He proposed without a ring and didn’t mention getting one. What would you do? What does the ring mean to you or do you even need one?

    Ring Symbolism
    Ok so we know that each relationship is unique and you have to do what works for you. The ring exchange is supposed to symbolize the love and commitment you are making to your spouse and to your marriage. The ring itself can serve as an ongoing reminder of the promise that the other person has made to you.

    Other Things To Think About When Considering “I Do”

    What are the reasons you want to get married?

    How much time are you willing to devote to your life partner?

    Are you emotionally available?

    Have you cleaned up or worked on any past baggage?

    Are you on the same page about what city you will live in, children, and future plans?

    Are there things you are willing to give up for your marriage if necessary?

    Have you thought about any marriage deal breakers?


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