Madonna And Terrence Howard Steamy Scene In New Video ‘GhostTown’

    madonnaWhile Madonna shockingly survives what seems to be a nuclear destruction in her new music video “GhostTown,” we surprisingly see an appearance from Terrence Howard a.k.a Lucious Lyon from the FOX hit show Empire.

    In the video it appears that Madonna’s character is the only one alive. But then, hold up, a young boy is introduced, a dog, a rat and then…Terrence Howard?

    We first see two adults beginning to fight one another in defense. Madonna holds a golf club in her hand ready to give him a good whack, and he has a riffle pointed at her head.

    After those tense moments things then begin to calm down and Madonna and Terrence Howard do a very seductive dance.

    Check it out and let us know if you like the song…

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