Jay Z And Beyonce Ditch The Limo For A Pick Up Truck!: Highlights From Their 7th Wedding Anniversary

    EXCLUSIVE: **PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE** Jay Z and Beyoncé travel in style during a secret Hawaiian vacation.

    In the spirit of anniversary bliss Beyonce debuted a new love song “Die With You” on Jay Z’s streaming service Tidal. The two recently celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary and in honor of the special occasion, Jay Z 45  and Beyoncé, 33 took a trip to Hawaii, ditched the traditional romantic routine and hopped in back of a pick up truck. How daring!

    This couple makes it known about how much they enjoy life and, even though they have the luxury of traveling by private jet and chauffeur you can imagine how fun it was to do something out of the norm!

    In total love and bliss the two smile ecstatically as they snuggle up under one another.


    While the two were also on vacation Beyonce gave advice to a man named Brennan’s 9-year-old girl about singing at her school’s talent show.

    “I didn’t notice them at first,” he told ABC News. “My buddy did.”

    Brennan, co-founder of Suja Juice, one of the largest organic, cold-pressured juice companies in the country, made sure that they gave Jay Z and Beyonce enough privacy to enjoy their Easter break.

    But, Brennan’s daughter, Brielle, 9, had other plans. She grabbed her friend and walked right over to ask the A-listers a quick question.

    “At first, she had a little hyperventilation,” he said of his daughter’s excitement. “But then she walked over and told her she was singing solo in a talent show next week.”

    Beyonce was humbled and kind enough to assure Brielle to not be nervous and to stay focused, and Jay Z even gave her a high five.

    “He said he thought she would do great,” Brennan said. “It’s the highlight of her vacation, for sure. They were just very cool and super genuine.”



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