Tyga Allegedly Racked Up $10,000 In Fines For Excessive Partying


    Tyga was upset and went on a twitter rant earlier this month regarding “fabricated” rumors by TMZ surrounding his home in Calabasas.

    According to reports, Tyga owed $120k on the home he rented in The Oaks development in 2010. Well, the reports keep rolling in.  The latest: Tyga has been turning up like crazy in his Calabasas home.  TMZ called Tyga a “landlord’s worst nightmare.

    According to TMZ Tyga has repeatedly broken HOA rules, earning him $10,000 in unpaid fines for his constant partying.  Apparently his parties are too large and the guests are not made to go through proper security procedures.

    TMZ reports that the rapper has been banned from all common areas of The Oaks. According to TMZ, Tyga has paid small amounts of the fines here and there, but he largely ignores all of the notices regarding the fines. Hopefully, Tyga can get his court troubles sorted out soon.  With Blac Chyna requesting full custody, aside from weekend visitation, it’s safe to assume that Tyga is tired of dealing with the court system.

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