‘Basketball Wives: LA’ recap: 10.2.12

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    Jackie Christie and Draya Michele clashed in a major way on last night’s episode of "Basketball Wives: LA."

    Pool Party Faux Pas

    Jackie really wants to make peace with Gloria Govan, her sister Laura Govan, Malaysia Pargo and Draya. And she wants to make a good impression on newbie Brooke Bailey, whom she wants to get to know a little better.

    Most of her guests arrived with a healthy mix of skepticism and caution as they entered the pool party that Jackie stayed up all night preparing for. They were wise to be a little wary of Jackie’s motives.

    Although she welcomed the girls with humility, she quickly tried to reclaim the throne once she thought she was cool with everyone.

    Malaysia Pargo: Voice Actress

    Malaysia wants to act…just not in front of a camera. The reality star wants to do some voice-over work, so she’s getting a little help from an acting coach. She hopes this new endeavor will help her to break out of her shell.

    Despite her near-instant success in the jewelry arena, it’s taking Malaysia a little longer to get her act straight in the sound booth.

    But we’re not really surprised by her progress. As cool as Malaysia , she comes off a little deadpan in the voice department. When all you’ve got to portray a whole character is your voice, you’ve got to over-emote. Of course, her oh-so-flat delivery might make her perfect for the role of any uber-sarcastic side kick or a catty, vapid fashionista (a la Daria).


    Bambi bashes Brooke

    Jackie wants to get to know the new girl on the team…so what better way than to invite Brooke out for lunch?

    But somehow, the get-to-know-you lunch turned into more of a let-me-explain-myself session as Jackie launched into a speech that was equal parts self-preservation and positive affirmations.

    The final verdict? Brooke agrees that Jackie is a little kooky. You know, crazy in a fun way.


    Malaysia introduces Adiz Bambi

    Bambi doesn’t like Brooke, and she made that very clear when Malaysia brought her to lunch to introduce her to Laura. She had a lot to say about the model during the meal, which is a little suspect.

    But aside from hating on Brooke, Bambi is a rapper! Oh, and she pointed out that she has a lot of shows in Atlanta. We smell a "BBW: LA" crossover with "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta"! Mona Scott-Young and Shaunie O’Neal need to make it happen.


    Draya demands respect

    Between her photoshoot being double-booked and getting side-swiped by Jackie, Draya is feeling a little disregarded. So when Jackie invited her out to lunch, the model/bikini designer demanded more respect from her co-star.

    She didn’t get that, of course, as Jackie snapped into Queen Bee mode. Between working her butt off to get back into everyone’s good graces and disregarding them as beneath her, Jackie is a bit confused about what she wants from the other women on the show.

    You can’t try to be friends with someone one moment and then disrespect them moments later. This clip is making an excellent case for the "Jackie is crazy" campaign Gloria and the girls are running.

    Side note: We need Jackie to do a little research about her biblical figures because Lazarus was actually one of Jesus’ friends, whom he raised from the dead. Just sayin’.


    —Sonya Eskridge


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