Soulja Boy: the video game

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    Soulja Boy isn’t shy about his serious skills when it comes to Xbox 360 games like Halo 3, Gears of War and Madden, just to name a few. Heck, he even challenged anyone with Xbox 360 Live to play against him.

    Now, Soulja Boy has told Complex magazine that all that bragging about his game has earned him his own game.

    “After I put the Xbox 360 challenge up on the Internet, it was all over these video game sites. And a couple video game companies hit me up on my email because I put the email on there too,” he said. “And now we’re doing the video game. It was the same way that I got signed for my music. It’s like history repeating itself, but instead of music, this time it’s about video games.”

    Although there is no word on who is developing the game, Soulja Boy said it’s set to come out in 2009. Don’t start saving your dollars just yet, though. reports that there is no word on what the game will be called or what it will be about.


    – Sonya Eskridge

    Photo by Sophia James / courtesy Retna Ltd.


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