What happened to Tameka?

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    A Brazilian plastic surgeon is giving the specifics on what put Usher’s wife, Tameka Foster, in a brief, medically-induced coma.

    A rep for Dr. Silvio Sterman, who would have performed Tameka’s liposuction, told People that Tameka never actually got the procedure done.

    “Shortly after she went under [general] anesthesia, she suffered a cardiac arrest," said rep, Ellen Dapstry.  Tameka was later revived and placed into an induced coma.  “When an attack like this happens, the doctors put the patient to sleep… and make sure that everything is okay and that there has not been any damage."

    Tameka went in for the surgery just two months after having her second child with Usher.    According to People, some cosmetic surgeons suggest that women wait three months after delivery before they get anything done to their bellies. 

    However, Ellen says that when Tameka came to undergo pre-surgical tests she was found to be “in good health.”

    When Usher got news of Tameka’s emergency, he canceled his performance at Clive Davis’s pre-Grammy gala and flew to Brazil.  Thankfully, Tameka is awake and coherent now.




    – Sonya Eskridge
    Photo by RD / Kabik / Retna Digital



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