Fabolous possibly involved in tour bus drug bust

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    Fabolous may be named in an Arkansas drug bust after nearly 500 pounds of marijuana were found on his tour bus.

    The bus was pulled over during a traffic stop on Interstate 40, The Arkansas Courier reports.  It had just left NBA All-Star Weekend in Phoenix and was headed up to Boston.

    No rappers were on the bus during the traffic stop, but both drivers on board were arrested after they told police two different stories and the drugs were discovered.

    The first driver, Edward Thimas of Doulasville, Ga., told cops that they were returning after dropping Fabolous and two other rappers off for NBA All-Star Weekend.  He also said they were headed to Boston to pick up another rapper whose name he couldn’t remember.

    According to police reports, Robert Morriss of Augusta, Ga. said he and Edward had driven the rappers from Atlanta to Phoenix.  He then claimed they were driving to Boston to pick up the rappers who flew ahead.

    Edwards tried to change his story, but since police were already suspicious of the drivers they searched the bus.  When authorities came across a locked storage compartment, they found 496 pounds of pot wrapped in cellophane.  They also found about $6,500 in cash, some of which was in the drivers’ pockets. 

    The drivers, who were each arrested on drug possession charges, claim that the bag did not belong to them, but rather the rappers they were transporting.

    Later, Edward told officers that he and Robert were on board when the drugs were loaded on the bus.   He also claims they were told to drive Boston and to call someone when they arrived.

    Fabolous’ camp has not released an official statement on the incident.


    – Sonya Eskridge
    Photo courtesy John Spellman / Retna Ltd.



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