Sing a song for Serena Williams

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    Serena Williams needs a theme song and Ludacris is helping her find it.

    She’s launching a global competition called Serena’s Song to find a jam that will hype her up before matches.  Serena is calling on singers, songwriters, rappers and other musicians to create music, which will be her official theme song.  

    Fans can sign up for the contest on Serena’s site, or they can enter it on; it’s a website Ludacris launched to showcase undiscovered talent.

    Serena said she needs her own signature song because sports and music have a powerful connection.  “I always see athletes including myself listening to music, while they’re getting ready for or decompressing after a match, or a race, or a game, whichever the sport," she explained in a statement.

    "Pop music knows no boundaries," Luda added. "We’re hoping to prove that yet again with the Serena’s Song contest."

    If you think you’ve got the sound Serena’s looking for, be sure to submit your song by March 31.  Five finalists will be chosen, and their songs will be posted on Serena’s website. 

    Site visitors will vote for the song they like best and the winner will be named on June 12.   The winner will get to record or remix their song, which will also play on Serena’s official site.

    – Sonya Eskridge

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