From Soul for Real to cell, for real

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    Updated: 3/18/09 at 12:37 PM 

    No amount of candy-coated raindrops will save three Soul for Real members from identity fraud charges.

    Duluth, Georgia, Police told S2S that Brian Dalyrimple will be indicted on 145 counts of aggravated identity fraud.  A laundry list of related charges, like forgery and aggravated bank fraud (just to name a few!), will be part of the indictment.

    Police say that Brian’s brothers (and fellow group members), Jason Dalyrimple and Andre Dalyrimple, will be indicted for their involvement in the case too.  However, police did not say what specific role they played in the fraud.

    Brian, 33, was arrested on suspicion of identity fraud earlier this month. He’d been running from Duluth PD with his infant son since February.  Police finally caught him in North Carolina, where he was taken into custody.

    Cops became alarmed when someone from California called Duluth PD saying they’d lost $12,000 due to fraudulent purchases. The victim told police that information had been used at a bank in Georgia to open a checking and credit account.  

    Police tracked the fraudulent purchases to two apartments in the same Georgia complex, both of which Brian was renting under false identities. A police search of one apartment turned up a crop of driver’s licenses from different states in different names.

    “[We also found] a multitude of fraudulently obtained credit cards,” Major Woodruff of Duluth PD revealed to S2S, “documents for bank loans, checking and savings accounts in fraudulent names, account and routing numbers belonging to legitimate accounts and documents containing identifying information of many individuals.”

    Duluth Police also said that Brian was using false identities to lease at least four other apartments.

    Laborah Crawford (Brian’s baby mama) was arrested in connection with the same identity fraud case immediately following the search. She is currently being held in Gwinnett County Jail and hasn’t been cooperating with police for further investigation.

    Brian’s 10-month old son was put in his grandmother’s care after Laborah was arrested. Police told that Brian later took his son from a daycare center one afternoon after the child had been dropped off. The baby has now been safely returned to his grandmother.

    It’s estimated that the victims (260 people and eight banks) have lost as much as $1,000,000 because of the fraud.

    Why, oh why, couldn’t Brian, Jason and Andre remain the clean-cut guys we saw in the video for "Candy Rain?"


    — Sonya Eskridge

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