Princess Tiana gets her swirl on

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    Did Disney run out of brown ink?!

    Later this year, the mouse house will release The Princess and the Frog featuring Princess Tiana (their first Black princess). While Disney fans and Black girls are thrilled about the newest addition to the royal court, many are upset that Tiana won’t be joined by a Black prince.

    In The Princess and the Frog, Tiana falls in love with Prince Naveen of Maldonia (voiced by Bruno Campos), who looks a little Whiter than some would like. According to Mail Online, Internet critics haven’t been shy about their thoughts on the matter.

    “I think it’s sad that he is White because it’s saying that Black love isn’t good enough and that Black men could never be princes,” wrote one dissatisfied fan.  “Disney had the perfect chance to make its first Black prince, but instead it decided to go the controversial route.”

    Fans also weren’t too keen on the fact that the main villain is a Black voodoo priest named Dr. Facilier.

    The controversial script for The Princess and the Frog has undergone some changes since the project was announced back in 2007. The title of the movie used to be The Frog Princess, and Tiana was a chambermaid named Maddy.  Critics blasted the premise as racially insensitive and demeaning to Black people.

    Disney didn’t budge when it came to the story’s location on the bayou. 

    You can see what all the fuss is about when The Princess and the Frog hits movie theaters nationwide on December 11.

    – Sonya Eskridge

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