Trick Daddy has lupus; talks new projects

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    MIA rap star Trick Daddy revealed to "The Ricky Smiley Morning Show" that he’s secretly battled lupus for about 12 years.

    The grilled-out rapper appeared on the Dallas-based radio show to promote his upcoming album, Magic City: Trials of a Native Son, but ended up revealing that dry skin prompted his diagnosis.

    “I went to the doctor like 12 years ago. She took all kinds of tests because I was trying to get rid of what we call dry skin, she did biopsies and blood tests and swab tests," Trick said. "She told me I have lupus. I am allergic highly to the sun [sic], that’s my worst enemy. It’s like an AK-47 with a double clip on it. Also, I have a jeopardized kidney and liver failure from the treatment and the medication.”

    According to the Lupus Foundation of America website, lupus is a "chronic, autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body (skin, joints, and/or organs inside the body)." Essentially, the immune system can’t tell the difference between good and bad tissue, and therefore fights everything, including the good cells. The skin and body are weakened and highly susceptible to damage and pain. The condition also disproportionately effects people of color; women of color are 2 to 3 times more than likely to develop lupus.

    Trick’s mother and one of his friends also have the disease. He noticed the friend attempting to cover up her discolored skin.

    “A lot of people try to cover it up with regular makeup. It makes your skin pigmented. You can go from dark to light and not light to dark. You have to cover it up and conceal it," he said. "My mama had 11 children from 10 different men. If she can live with that I know, I can live with this."

    On a happier note, Trick’s gearing up to star in his first feature film.  “They got me playing in a movie with a lot of gangsters from ‘The Wire’ and the big Black films," he told Rickey Smiley. "I can be me, I can be a G in it.”

    Listen to Trick talk about his disease:

    We’re hoping that Trick’s openness about this condition will bring more awareness to the issue. And we’re really, really happy to hear that some of the d-boy’s from HBO’s "The Wire" are getting some work!


    – Whitney Teal


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