Exclusive Video: T.I. cooks dinner for S2S

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    How many of you ladies would die and come back to life to have T.I. cook dinner for you? Well, the King of the South did just that for me, as both he and Tiny opened their gorgeous home to me on Super Bowl weekend.

    By the time I got to get to the kitchen, Tip was already in there going to work. He was shaking up something in a bag. It was fish! After watching this fine piece of leather mix the fish batter for his tilapia and stir his special marinade for the shrimp, I told him that he should think about creating his own cooking show.

    T.I. shrugged the comment off as a meaningless compliment. I was serious though. To that, T.I. explained, “I don’t want anybody to see my special recipe.” Tip was dead serious about protecting his recipe, as he turned his back to me and covered his ingredients as I tried to catch a glimpse of them on tape.

    I left him to cook and Tiny took me and my New Media Specialist Terrance Pratt, who accompanied me on the visit, on a tour of the immaculate house. I saw his recording studio, sat in his home theater and even got a look at their bedroom. It was Messiah’s birthday and he was turning 9. We celebrated by reading a book about snakes.

    By the time I finished touring the house and loving on the kids, the food was ready. Tip started us off with shrimp in his own homemade garlic sauce and garlic bread. The main course consisted of three choices of tilapia (seasoned with lemon pepper, Cajun spices or Old Bay seasoning). It was served over rice with a cheese broccoli mix.

    The food was absolutely phenomenal. We ate at two or three popular restaurants while in Atlanta and none of them came close to T.I.’s home-cooked meal.

    That man will be sorely missed in that household come March 27 when he starts his year-long prison sentence. His daddy skills are on point. He’s not just spending money on the kids, buying them toys, jackets and shoes, he’s raising his kids. He’s not just a daddy, he’s a father.

    As Tiny escorted us to the door, she laughed and said, “I’m glad that y’all came. That was the only way we were going to get Tip to cook tonight.” That’s my girl!!

    Watch T.I. cook! 


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