Doreen Rainey pushes RADICAL change

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    Doreen Rainey is giving women back the keys to their success at her third annual Get RADICAL Conference.








    Doreen Rainey is giving women back the keys to their success at her third annual Get RADICAL Conference.

    Life coach Doreen Rainey quit her corporate job several years ago to help women everywhere empower themselves.

    Doreen said there is nothing wrong with the women that come to her for advice; they are already whole.

    “The whole concept is that they have some goals, dreams, and aspirations that [have] been kind of set aside, or buried under fear or just life,” she said.

    With the knowledge she gained from 17 years in human resources, a master’s degree in conflict management, and a life-coaching course, Doreen is well equipped for the job.

    The message of her third annual Get RADICAL Women’s Conference is that people have to do something radical to change their lives.

    For some, this can mean a new hairstyle. A simple cut and color after 15 years of the same hairdo can do the trick. For others, getting radical means quitting a job and moving 500 miles away to a city they’ve always wanted to live in.

    “You have to do something out of the norm, out of the ordinary that will help you catapult yourself to where you want to be,” Doreen explained.

    Doreen is bringing this empowering message to the women’s conference on March 26 in Washington, D.C., featuring Niecy Nash, Jillian Michaels, Deborah Owens, and more.

    Lack of fulfillment is a common issue for the women she coaches. They are “mid-happy,” she said, because they’re not unhappy but want something more.

    Here are three quick ways you can start taking charge of your life today:

    1.  Be honest about where you are
    2.  Really believe that you can change your situation
    3.  Come up with three steps for getting closer to your goals

    “You can define success for yourself but then you have to have the guts to go after it,” Doreen advised.



    – Genet Lakew




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