No shoes, please

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    Being asked to take off my shoes at the door to a host’s place was an old pet peeve of mine that probably started in childhood when my friends parents would institute this rule to protect their kinda new/kinda ugly carpet. My family always had a "houses are meant to be homes" kind of philosophy so this always seemed really extra to me.

    But since I’ve been living on my own, I’ve been ridiculously quick to start this practice myself (though I haven’t extended it to guests just yet) because of all the perceived health benefits. Check out this list:


    1. The bottom of your shoes can carry up to 66 million bacteria organisms. 66. Million. Eww. (via Good Morning America.) 

    2. The children of the house will thank you, since their young immune systems are much more susceptible to all of the gross stuff your shoes are carrying around. (via Joy to the Home

    3. Your feet will be healthier. According to the blog Shoes Off at the Door, " It is healthier for you feet to take your shoes off during the day."

    4. You have an excuse to add a sign, or mat, to your home. These are some of our favorite ways to tell guests that their shoes aren’t really wanted:


    Kindly Remove Your Shoes Please Wall Hanging Wood Plaque, $14, available at Etsy








    Road Shoe Sign, $26, available at Etsy.









    – Whitney Teal



    Top photo courtesy of Mats 4 U.

    Bottom photos courtesy of Etsy.


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