Yes we can look great!

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    It’s finally here: inauguration weekend! As excited as we all are about Barack taking office, what’s really inching to the forefront of our minds is our appearance.

    Here are some tips that Michelle Obama’s makeup artist, Ingrid Grimes-Myles (image below), shared with DailyCandy D.C. on how to stay "fresh" for the weekend.









    1. Start with really healthy skin maintained by good skin care. Moisturize, drink water and use sunscreen (even though it’s winter).

    2. Cover any issues with a substantial, cream-based foundation topped with powder. It’s going to be very cold in D.C., and people tear up when it’s chilly, so use a product that won’t crack.

    3. Women think that their eyes are most important, but the brow is the workhorse of the face. If you have a busy day, fill in the brow a little bit. As events become more formal, accent the eyes with liner and lashes.

    4. The night before, exfoliate your lips with a bit of sugar or a nubby washcloth. Layer on hydrating cream and a petroleum- or oil-based product to lock in moisture.


    Excerpt and photo courtesy Daily Candy D.C.



    – Whitney Teal 



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