Countdown to change: Jamie’s inauguration weekend rundown

    by Jamie Foster Brown
    (Excerpted from the April/May issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine)

    Friday night: bowling with Ne-Yo

    Let me tell you about how chaotic and cool things were for your girl here in Washington, D.C. during inauguration. Whew! I’m tired all over again, just thinking about it. First of all, somehow I got committed to doing favors or having business meetings each of the four days leading up to the inauguration and on inauguration night. It started Friday, January 15, at Ne-Yo’s Bowl-4-Change party at Howard University. The event’s planner, Jamahl King, based in Atlanta, called to invite Sister 2 Sister to cover it, but we decided to put a team together and compete too.
    That was lots of fun. Before that, though, Jamahl had asked us to do a walk-through of the Howard University Bowling alley to help him plan the event. Howard’s got a bowling alley?!!! When did that happen? Turns out it was newly and fabulously refurbished, and it has a pool hall/lounge area too. It’s in the Blackburn Center, that is run by Roberta McLeod.

    At the party, the first person I saw was that fine-a$$ Lance Gross from Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne.” (See his interview with his fiancée Eva Marcille in this issue.) I thought, boy, Eva’s not here, this is my chance to hook him, only to find out they had already gotten engaged. D@#n! He’s so beautiful—his spirit and his smile. I loved him from the moment Eva introduced him to me. But I moved on, and who happened to run up on me?! Nobody but Mr. Got-the-Body himself, Lamman Rucker. He played Sheriff Troy, who fell for Jill Scott’s character in the Tyler Perry movie Why Did I Get Married? He’s another sweetie—and kind too. He brought his younger sister, who owns a dance studio.

    My girl MC Lyte was also there, still looking like she’s 15 years old. I asked her if she had some sort of Dorian Gray thing going on. She asked me what that was. Well, in the book The Picture of Dorian Gray, written by Oscar Wilde, Dorian offers his soul to the devil so that he would live for centuries, never growing old. But the devil put Dorian’s image in a painting and told him never to look at it or else he would begin to age immediately. Anyway, I don’t think MC Lyte would ever make a deal like that, but she was intrigued by the story and said she would look it up. She’s always seeking knowledge. I like that about her.

    Ne-Yo’s mom Lorraine was there, and we promised each other we would hang out while she was in town but we couldn’t make that happen. There was too much going on, and getting around was hectic.
    Ne-Yo spoke about his commitment to making a difference in the world. Then when Ne-Yo got the chance he showed me how to bowl—or at least he tried. I threw two gutter balls! (Check out the video
    below or at

    Next door to the Sister 2 Sister team was WPGC 95.5’s team. The radio station was broadcasting from the event and were just as loud and rowdy as could be. I loved it. That Shack N Da Pack, who’s one of the station’s on-air personalities, was not letting up. The music was so good, I had to leave my team for a minute and dance with the WPGC girls right there on the lane. I also had to flirt with Herkules, another DJ from the station who is a cutie that’s small but mighty. He picked me straight up in the air. Glad my hubby wasn’t there (smile). But my oldest son Randy saw it all, and he’ll probably go back and tell. You know men stick together. But I ain’t scared!
    We came in second to WPGC, but who cares; win or lose, it was big-time fun.


    Watch video from Ne-Yo’s Bowl-4-Change…

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