Story by Jamie Foster Brown


    When the bloggers started rejoicing about the end of Deelishis a.k.a. London Charles’s engagement, we had to make a call to see what was happening. Deelishis was glad to talk about the false rumors and had her fiancé Orlando right there with her. When they found out about their “breakup” they didn’t take it seriously. “He came in the door and I said, ‘What are you doing here?’ And he said, ‘I live here.’ I said, ‘No you don’t. I broke up with you and you have women and you’ve been stealing my money.’ He said, ‘Okay, I’m sorry.’”

    Deelishis said they had to laugh it off, but everything isn’t funny all the time. “We’ve been targets before in the media. He’s been called gay and I’ve been called a ho,” Deelishis laughed. “We’ve been able to stand firm on what we have and I guess up until the ‘I do’s,’ we’re going to get this.”

    Not only are they still engaged, the lovebirds spend so much time together that Deelishis decided to launch a women’s group to help her spend less time around her man. It’s called FLAW (Feeling Like A Woman) and provides bonding opportunities for ladies. “I find that when I’m not out of town, I really am up in Orlando’s face,” she said. “And sometimes he doesn’t get to have his own man time.” Deelishis started planning activities with other ladies who need to get out of the same pattern. One of their activities was to go to a Detroit Pistons basketball game, which led to rumors that Deelishis was sleeping with Allen Iverson.

    He helped Deelishis and her girls get good seats at the game and invited all 12 of them to join him in the VIP area at an afterparty. “He didn’t hit on anybody. He wasn’t being disrespectful. It’s just that onlookers who probably wanted to enjoy the same VIP accommodations were probably hating,” said Deelishis. She said she was sad that something so nice got twisted into something so nasty, but she won’t be avoiding A.I. “I like Allen Iverson. We’ve been hanging out and he’s fun. He’s a bigger celebrity than me, so his VIP status is better than mine.”

    You apply to join FLAW and start bonding in your city by going to She hopes to make it a national organization with the help of other well-known women. By the way, Deelishis sent me a text saying, pray for us Jamie. And I am, baby!