Ginuwine: Not the same ol’ G

    A Jamie Foster Brown Interview
    (excerpted from the June 2009 issue in of Sister 2 Sister magazine) 

    Ginuwine is a very dear person and an old friend of mine. He recently came to my home to talk about the trouble he got himself into by not telling his wife there was a story going around that he and LisaRaye were kissing and hugging. The boy wasn’t playing. He was going to set things right for the world and for his beautiful wife, Solé. Of course, he chose us to reveal his true feelings because he knows that we ain’t gonna change what he said.

    In this exclusive interview for us, he explains his belief that no communication and no understanding can lead to no marriage. And he ain’t about to let that happen with him and his true love. He’s happy!!! God bless him and Solé.
    He also talks about his exciting renewed career, the lessons he’s learned about this music business, how he ain’t strapped for money because of advice from Roger Troutman (don’t give the accountant all your money), and the hell of babymama drama. He doesn’t regret any of his kids; he only regrets how he had them. And he’s still Ginu-fine. (Hee hee)

    Jamie: Who worked with you on this CD project?
    Ginuwine: Timbaland, Bryan Michael Cox, John Taylor—he’s a writer, Adonis—he’s another writer, RL from Next—he’s a writer.

    Jamie: RL? How’s he doing?
    Ginuwine:He’s doing good. He’s a great writer. He really shocked me. I was like wow; I didn’t know he wrote like that. Who else? Saint Nick.

    Jamie: What label are you on now?
    Ginuwine: Notifi/Asylum/Warner Bros. Notifi is an independent label that started out in St. Louis. And the lady’s name is Ira Dewitt.

    Jamie: How did you get with her?
    Ginuwine: Long story.

    Jamie: I want to know because this is a different world than when you started 13 years ago. We were with DeVante—
    Ginuwine: —Timbaland, Missy, Magoo, Tweet, Playa—all of us.

    Jamie: Playa?
    Ginuwine: Static.

    Jamie: Static, the one that just died?
    Ginuwine:That was Static. Well, he was part of Playa.

    Jamie: I never met Static. He was a beast though, because he did the song for Lil’ Wayne that was so big?
    Ginuwine: “Lollipop.” He did “Pony”—me and him. And he did “So Anxious” and “Same Ol’ G.”

    Jamie: So young, he died. Okay, so all of you started off? The only ones that are really left now are you—
    Ginuwine: [laughs] “Left now.” Yeah.

    Jamie: Yeah, because DeVante and them, what are they doing?
    Ginuwine: Actually, they just finished the concert overseas with Joe.

    Jamie: So they’re still singing together? Of course, Missy is still here big-time, but it doesn’t look like she really wants to come out much; she likes producing.
    Ginuwine: She likes to stay behind; she doesn’t like the road.

    Jamie: You have more peace.
    Ginuwine: And can leave and go home.

    Jamie: And make more money.
    Ginuwine: Right. That’s where the money is.

    Jamie: Because the road thing—
    Ginuwine: It’ll get you in trouble.

    Jamie: How does it get you in trouble?
    Ginuwine:Because you’re away from home and thoughts start flying and things happen.

    Jamie: You all have a lot of temptation on the road.
    Ginuwine: Fellas? Yeah, definitely.

    Jamie: But you’re going back on the road. How are you going to curb your enthusiasm? [laughs]
    Ginuwine:There’s a way to do it.

    Jamie: How do you do that?
    Ginuwine: Communication, really. I’ve been married five years now. I’ve learned that if there’s no communication and no understanding, people are able to say anything and have it be a problem in your relationship. So now we sit down and talk about things and see how I can make her comfortable with it.

    Jamie: That’s very interesting—how you can make her comfortable with it.
    Ginuwine: Right, right.

    Jamie: How many kids do you have now?
    Ginuwine: Eight.

    Jamie: You and Solé have how many together?
    Ginuwine: Together? We only have two. She had two before me and we had two together. And I had four more before her.

    Jamie: I know, but how many babies’ mamas are there?

    Jamie: They were all different women?
    Ginuwine: …(quiet)

    Jamie: I’m going to kill you. [laughter] If you saw a young man in your position today, what would you say to him?
    Ginuwine: I can tell you what I would say because I’ve said it before to a couple of guys. When you have a babymama here, a babymama there, it’s going to be drama, period. Regardless of what one says to you—“I’m not going to trip like that,” “I’m cool” and all that—after a while that goes out the window. After you leave that one person and you find love somewhere else, that person that you were with, they hate that.

    Jamie: Even if they don’t like you anymore?
    Ginuwine: I think so. Because, especially when you are giving so much of yourself and so much material things to that new person and they see how they’re living now, it’s kind of a vendetta thing sometimes because they want to be in that position. I don’t regret none of my kids; I regret how I had them.

    Check out the June 2009 issue of Sister 2 Sister to see how he would have preferred to have his kids.