Hanging with Keyshia Cole’s family, kissing Lil’ Wayne and politicking with Cash Money’s Slim

    by Jamie Foster Brown with assistance from Ericka Boston and Sabrina M. Parker
    (excerpted from the March 2009 Issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine) 

    I got a couple of tickets from publicist Vickie Charles to see Lil’ Wayne in Washington, DC, but I didn’t get backstage access passes. I was like, “What do you mean I can’t get backstage to see my guys? They’re like my family.” I was really upset about it. But we got the tickets and I brought two of my staff, Senior Editor Ericka Boston and Web Editor Sonya Eskridge, hoping that we could interview Keyshia Cole, who was performing before T-Pain and Lil’ Wayne. I gave my tickets to Ericka and Sonya and I went backstage with a pass from Keyshia’s manager Manny. But by the time I got back there, Keyshia had left the stage. I didn’t see any of her performance, but I did get a chance to visit with her and say hello to T-Pain.

    What was really exciting about being back there was meeting Manny’s family: his beautiful wife, who is grown but looks like she just graduated from high school, and their two lovely children. Keyshia’s family and friends were backstage too. There’re so many of them that travel with her from time to time including her sister Neffie, who was so excited to see me because she had been wanting to introduce me to her fiancé.

    Neffie’s fiancé was very nice to me and told me that he’s a chef and had worked for Applebee’s and he’s retired now. Neffie was so happy and looked very pretty. She was telling me that her show, “The Frankie and Neffie Show,” is coming out soon. I didn’t get a chance to see Keyshia and Neffie’s mother Frankie, but Frankie is always kissing and hugging on me. I love it! Frankie and Neffie are very kind to Sister 2 Sister, and you always know where you stand with them.

    Keyshia was so beautiful that night. I can’t get over how this girl has transformed into this gorgeous woman. Her skin is flawless, her hair is whipped, and she’s just as tiny as she can be—about the size of her two puppies, which were backstage fighting. They asked me when I got back to her dressing room if I was afraid of dogs because those dogs will come running at you. They start off yapping at you, but after a while they turn on each other. They were going at it. It’s interesting to watch.

    Anyway, Keyshia was very relaxed in her dressing room. The rest of the family wanted to leave there and go back to the tour bus, but Keyshia stayed backstage to see Lil’ Wayne perform, and so did I.

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    Photo by Sozufe Adeleri/ Retna Ltd.