Ja Rule still on the hook for gun charges

    Ja Rule could face serious jail time for gun possession charges in New York.
    The New York Post reports that a Manhattan supreme court judge has refused to throw out Ja’s case, stemming from 2007 incident. Police found an unlicensed .40 caliber gun in the rapper’s Maybach after a show at the Beacon Theatre.
    During a hearing last spring, Ja contended that cops had no reason to search his car. “We disagree with the decision, but we’ll tend to other issues now,” Ja’s lawyer, Stacet Richman, said.

Specifically, Stacey will be contesting the methods investigators used to match a speck of DNA found on the gun to the rapper.
    However, the judge said Ja’s confession that he had “a little weed” on him during the search was off limits to the prosecution.

    Ja Rule is free on bail until March 3, when he’s due back in court. If convicted the rapper faces at 3 ½ years in prison.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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