‘Jamie’s Kitchen': Episode Two

    Lynette is best known as the mother of California rapper The Game. She sat down with "Jamie’s Kitchen" to tell a story about the day she thought The Game’s father was going to kill her–shooting her and leaving her for dead at the bottom of an open grave. She shared this painful memory to encourage women to leave abusive relationships while they can. 



    Watch Kym Whitley’s hilarious plea for women to never give up, no matter how old or tired they feel. 


    Would less Black women be single if they were open to dating men of other races? Jackie Rhinehart thinks so. The music marketing maven who worked with Nelly, Erykah Badu and Master P is now an author.  At her book release party, interviewer Jacque Reid asked her what she thought of the alarming statistic that 70 percent of Black women are single. See what Jackie had to say.

    Episode two outro by Jamie Foster Brown and credits for the episode


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