Jamie’s open letter about AJ Jewell’s interview

    I can’t tell you guys how devastated I was to hear that Kandi Burruss’s ex-fiancé AJ Jewell had been killed. It appears that I had the last interview with him, which appeared in the November S2S, where he spoke so highly of Kandi, praising her and pondering whether they could get back together and get married one day.
    He felt that he and Kandi were a perfect match. He and I made plans to hang out when I next visited Atlanta and he wanted to show me the strip club he said he was involved in, the one where he was fatally wounded. What a tragedy.
    AJ had six kids, including his teenage twins who lived with Kandi. At this writing, Kandi’s publicists have requested the picture that AJ sent to us. I told my staff to make an audio copy of his interview with me to send to her and the family, so they could have his voice forever. In it he talked about the love he has for his kids and for Kandi.
    But I also want very much to apologize for any pain that par t of AJ’s interview caused when AJ revealed that he had introduced Kandi’s mom to a man who turned out to be married. Kandi called to explain that her mom was very hurt by that because neither of them knew the man was married when the introduction happened. Again, I apologize because we never want anything in S2S to cause hurt or pain. May God bless Kandi, the family, and all who will miss AJ Jewell.



    Lotsa love,