Laz Alonso sat down with S2S to chop it up over cocktails in Atlanta this week.

    Marketing and brand strategist Jacquie Lee partnered with Hennessy Remixed in Atlanta to present Cocktails and Conversation, an “Inside the Actors Studio” style discussion with three of the hottest Black men entertaining us today, film and television actor Laz Alonso, He’s Having Sex With You And Making Love To Her author CJ Miller, and Corey Mays, starting linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs. Jacquie made sure she had a little something for all the ladies.

    An actor, author and athlete. What could be better?

    As beautiful women served free cocktails, the guys showed their vulnerable side as they opened themselves up to questions from the audience about love, life and the $10,000 question: What do men really want?

    Oh, what questions those ladies had! Even the panel host, V103’s Frank Ski, was shocked at some of the responses like when Laz spoke about how he went for one full year without having sex.

    After the cocktails were consumed and the conversation was complete, Laz snuck away with us to his SUV and chopped it up for a minute. Once we were out of the crowd and it was just he and S2S, mano-a-mano, so we had to ask the burning questions.

    He had already been vocal earlier in the evening about how he does not date actresses, but what does Laz really look for in a woman?

    “I am looking for someone that has self-respect and a sense of self-worth. The rest we can work on together. I am not perfect, so I don’t expect her to be” said Laz. “By no means am I where I feel I want to be. I’m always pushing and don’t think I’ll ever be there. I’m always striving to be a better human being, better man, better lover, companion, better friend.”

    Fresh off the success of his latest film Jumping the Broom, Laz and his screenwriting partner Rafael Riera have been feverishly writing an independent film currently named Untitled Haiti Project over the last month.

    “It’s fifteen pages from being done” Laz told S2S. “It’s filled with drama and has action and an important social message, a social cause in post-earthquake Haiti.” 
    And did we mention that he is the lead in the new A&E series “Breakout Kings”? The show, in which Laz plays a US Marshall, premiered to record breaking numbers for the network and went on to draw millions of viewers each week. What’s left for this man to do?

    Well, we would all like to see him reprise his role as Tsu’Tey in planned sequels to the sci-fi epic Avatar! But is he coming back?

    “I have my fingers crossed. I haven’t heard anything. The entire Avatar franchise is very very tight lipped. When I was filming Avatar no one ever heard me talking about it," Laz explained. "We never spoke about the content. We couldn’t say anything and Avatar 2 is the same thing."

    He added, "We’re really not allowed to say what we do know and we know very little. It’s all in James Cameron’s brain” The actor has always had a passion for sci-fi. Back in the day he told us “I wanted to be in Star Wars and be the next Billy Dee Williams.”

    You can follow all these sexy single men at @lazofficial, @TheRealCJMiller, and @coreyisamaysing. In the meantime, check out pics from the Cocktails and conversation below!



    — Stephanie Dayton