S2S was there as Deion Sanders celebrated his induction into the Pro Hall of Fame with die-hard fans in Atlanta.

    Football fans refused to let the high-speed winds stop them from showing up on Saturday to celebrate Deion “Prime Time” Sanders upcoming induction into the Pro Hall of Fame. Deion and his beautiful wife Pilar thought it only right to bring the festivities back to the ATL since he is being honored as an Atlanta Falcon, and it is the first honor of this kind in the history of the franchise.

    After the stunning couple strolled the red carpet, the two-time Super Bowl champ stepped to the podium to address the fans that were gathered on the street and in overlooking balconies.
    “This is really the only place that I ever called home. I’ve been with several organizations, but you…you made me feel like home," he said. "I understand Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz when she said ‘There’s no place like home’. So forever, I’ll be in debt. That’s why I’m taking you with me to Kansas as a Falcon.

    He added, "And every man in this world, we love to be first at everything. Don’t we fellas? So going to Kansas as the first Falcon ever I’m so thankful. I’m so happy. I’m elated.”
    Deion, who also played in the National Baseball League as an Atlanta Brave, has been working with Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed in the recent opening of 33 recreational centers in the metro area. “Deion Sanders represents the heart of Atlanta. He represents the best of us” said the mayor.
    Also showing love to Prime Time was former Atlanta Brave Brian Jordan and Deion’s best friend, former Falcon Jamie Dukes. Reality star Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas looked like she was having a good time with her date former GA Bulldog Sean Bailey.

    Chilli took a moment to speak to the crowd on a personal note, stating, “This year will be TLC’s 20th anniversary and we thank you all so much for loving us and sticking with us through all these years.”
    Also over the weekend, Deion and former Falcon Jamal Lewis celebrated their second annual youth football tournament. When asked what the best part of the weekend was, Deion told S2S, “Winning with the kids. We 6 and 0 right now. We haven’t gotten close to losing. So that’s my highest point, just winning.”

    A close second would have to be when Jamie surprised Deion on stage at the Saturday night gala with his favorite singer of all time: Keith Sweat.
    “We just met last year, but he’s always been my favorite. He inspired me so much to do the doggone thing in sports and he don’t even know it. I just told him this a year ago. Everywhere I go, Sweat is with me. Believe me when I tell you this,” said Deion. While he sat on stage in awe, Keith sang a medley of his older hits including the ballads “Make It Last Forever” and “How Deep Is Your Love” along with the up-tempo “I Want Her”.
    Deion said he thinks his induction into the Pro Hall of Fame is more of an accomplishment for the people that contributed to his success. “My mother, my family, my attorney Gene Parker, my wife. My wonderful kids who has been there for me," the former NFL player said, rattling off a list of his loved ones. "When I have tough days to see the kids smile that means a lot because it’s not just about the game. It’s about this game of life and I think I’m winning.”

    — Stephanie Dayton