Kandi Burruss is giving grownups a new way to feel the music with the launch of her adult toy line, Bedroom Kandi.

    Kandi, host of the online series “Kandi Koated Nights” and fan fav of reality TV, introduced the world to her new line of pleasure products aptly named Bedroom Kandi.

    “I been doing ‘Kandi Koated Nights’ talking about sex and relationships and did an interview with Dr. Laura Berman, the sex therapist who does radio and has a toy line,” Kandi told S2S. “I wanted to do some research. While researching, I found one of the richest women in Europe is a billionaire from having her own toys and her own line of intimate products.”

    After tweeting that she was thinking about starting a line of sex toys, she made a connection with Suki Dunham, founder of OhMiBod. “I got with Suki to help me make my toy line because they have technology that is unique. They knew how to pair up the vibrator with music," Kandi said. "So when you get your toy it has a wireless remote that connects to any MP3 player, even a telephone. And it will vibrate to the rhythm of your favorite song. Since I am in the music industry, it made sense that I would partner with OhMiBod.”

    Bedroom Kandi strives to be a catalyst in shifting cultural attitudes toward personal pleasure and its necessary and critical role in one’s sexual health and well-being. Since she has been hosting the radio show, Kandi said, “I been learning a lot about sex and how it can affect us as women. And the fact is a lot of women have never had an orgasm.

    "There are women in this world who have children and have never had an orgasm” said Kandi. “Don’t be that chic that’s afraid because you’re like, ‘Oh, it’s taboo.’ Sex is natural. If you are a woman, having a toy is the safest sex there is. And if you’re in a relationship, having a toy only makes the relationship better.”

    Kandi’s line, available in October, includes a lubricant and four massagers with playful names like Kandi Kisses, Make Me Over, Rise and Shine, and Happiness and Joy. Of course it was only appropriate that since this is her line, Kandi would be testing out the products. “Well I did try, because the other ones are still in the making, I tried Happiness and Joy” Kandi admitted.

    Her partner Suki had explained earlier that Kandi chose the name for this particular massager because she felt the part that is used internally is the happiness and the part that stimulates the external is the joy. “All of the products that we are doing for Kandi are 100% medical grade silicone products so they’re super body-friendly," said Suki. "Even her lubricant is an organic lubricant that has botanicals in it. It’s glycerin and peribin free."

    Another fabulous feature of these playthings is Kandi’s choice of packaging. “We wanted to do something where women could be comfortable and not scared somebody is going to find it," Kandi explained. "So it’s made to look like make-up. It looks like lipstick or a compact. And they are wireless, rechargeable, and waterproof. You can totally submerge it in water. You can have it down in the bathtub with you and it’s not going to mess up.”

    Bedroom Kandi, which charges via a usb connection, is sure to offer up some interesting conversations on Kandi’s online radio show. “The radio show is still doing great. In fact we’re gaining new viewers every week," Kandi updated S2S, adding that she’s got ambitions beyond online broadcast. "I would really love to one day take it to television. But for now we have our following on the internet and we’re having fun with it.”

    For more information about Kandi’s new pleasure products, visit www.mybedroomkandi.com.



    —Stephanie Dayton