Through the eyes of Anthony Hamilton

    Interview by Sabrina M. Parker
    (excerpted from the June 2009 issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine)

    Anthony Hamilton is always described as the artist with the old soul and old-school sound. His success proves that there’s still a market for real music. On his latest CD, The Point of It All, Anthony tries to show the upbeat and fun side of himself that likes to lean in his truck and bounce to the beat. He enlisted  David Banner for his lead single “Cool” to help him catch that vibe.

    In this interview Anthony shares his family life, present and past. He talks about his wife Tarsha, who recently dropped her debut album. Anthony met Tarsha when he hired her to sing backup for him, and today they don’t hide their love or support for each other. He admits that some people were worried that his female fans wouldn’t support his marriage, but the Southern gentleman proved them wrong. He also discusses the challenges of raising an adult son and remembers the hard times that inspired his hit “Cool.”

    Anthony doesn’t waste his breath with chatter in this interview or onstage. Most of his shows include a moment of praise that may go on for minutes if he catches the Holy Spirit. Read on to find out why he testifies during live shows, and take a peek at the world through his eyes.


    Sabrina: Is that her album?
    Anthony:  No. Ever since they heard her on the Ain’t Nobody Worryin’ CD featured on “Preacher’s Daughter,” they’ve been waiting on her. Her album is entitled The McMillian Story.

    Sabrina: Okay. And how close is that to being ready?
    Anthony:  It’s ready. It’s on iTunes right now.

    Sabrina: Oh, good.
    Anthony:  We sell it at the venues and everything. So it’s just like a little buzz. We’re taking that approach. She’ll start doing a promo run, as well, and showcase it.

    Sabrina: Yeah, a lot of people are doing that now with the digital downloads first.
    Anthony:  Yeah, just get it out there a little bit and then go from there. You can save money when you’re doing that out of your own pocket. I think it’s smart.

    Sabrina: So she’s an independent artist?
    Anthony: Yeah, she’s signed to a label that we started called Mister’s Music.

    Sabrina: That’s great. When did you start that label?
    Anthony:  Almost two years [ago].

    Sabrina: So whose idea was that, yours or hers? Was that something you always wanted to do?
    Anthony: Yeah, something I always wanted to do, and she pretty much had some of the same ideas—the same creative desire.

    Pick up the June 2009 issue of Sister 2 Sister to see how Anthony and his wife handle criticsism.