Vivica Fox gives cougars dating advice

    When the producers of the hit reality series “The Bachelor” started looking for a host for their new TV Land show “The Cougar,” they called Vivica Fox first. “They thought, who could we have to host the show that’s a 40-year-old woman, that we think is attractive, know she has hosting skills and dates younger men? Ta-dow! That’s how Vivica got the job,” Vivica told us.

    The show premiered on April 15 and will be TV Land’s first original series. It follows Stacey, a sexy, successful 40-year-old realtor, as she looks for the man of her dreams. The only catch is that all of the guys are in their 20s. Vivica said while all of the guys say they’re interested in older women, some lack the maturity that’s required to date one.

    “That was something that was making the guys drop like flies. When she would spend alone time with them and have a conversation with them, could they get past, ‘So how are you?’ ‘What do you like to do?’ Some of them would just go into a little shell. They wouldn’t know what to do.”

    Being a cougar still requires that women do their homework. Every young man isn’t ready for a cougar. Vivica said you don’t want to fall into a mother role or the sugar-mama position. “Personally, I would say late 20s and early 30s,” she advised. “That’s one thing that I’ve found—when they’re too young, then that relationship turns into a mother-son thing. And that’s not cool. As I told Stacey, my thing is: We don’t do sponsorships.”

    Vivica said sugar mama’s pay bills and buy clothes for their young man. “A cougar, she’s got a young one who’s got it going on.” No matter how old a man is, Vivica suggests that you take it slow. “Make sure you take the time to get to know a person. The first three months, his agent shows up. And then that evil twin shows up a little bit later.”

    Anyone who follows Vivica’s career knows that she’s got more than men on her mind. In fact, she’s happily single at the moment. On the professional front she’s returning for a full season of HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” this fall. She also plays an FBI agent in Junkyard Dog, a psycho-thriller by African-American director Kim Bass. He hopes to release it this summer, but be warned: It’s so scary Vivica had to look away at the screening.

    “I would turn away a couple of times because I have nightmares,” Vivica said. The script, about a cannibalistic serial rapist who holds women hostage, is based on actual cases. “I’d rather see a comedy that makes me laugh,” she said.

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