What is the magic about Raheem DeVaughn?

    by LaToya Foster and Sabrina M. Parker
    (Excerpted from the April/May issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine)


    I got Raheem DeVaughn to come to my home to do an interview. When I told the women at S2S he was coming, darn near the whole office of women came. We went out and got food for him, tried to feed him, and smiled and danced around him for hours while he answered the gazillion questions we asked him. Even our sports writer LaToya Foster slid on through and asked her questions. I mean, he had three of us on him. I really think he was scared but tried not to show it. I’ve never seen anything like it in the 20 years I’ve been doing this magazine.

    In Raheem’s music, you can tell that he loves women, and they feel it when they are around him. Even though he might look like just another hip-hop and R&B artist, he’s not. He’s majestic. There’s a warmth and a peace about him that he exudes from inside. Women also feel it when he wears his pants so low, just above the short and curly. (He has them hoping that he’ll drop them just a few inches more.)

    We learned a lot about Raheem, including that he and Chrisette Michele are cousins, that he drives around with a bed in the back of his vehicle, which superstars love his music and, of course, all about his family. If you don’t know Raheem, read this and you’ll really like him. And if you know and like him, you’ll start to love him.

    LaToya: What’s going on, Raheem?
    Raheem: Ah, man, everything is everything. It’s a good day.

    LaToya: You know, you’re surrounded by beautiful women all around you.
    Raheem: All walks of life.

    LaToya: Here at Jamie Foster Brown’s home.
    Raheem: The story of my life. It feels like I’m at a show right now. I’m just waiting for some panties to get thrown my way.

    Jamie: What?
    LaToya: Wait a minute! [laughter]
    Jamie: You mean more like bloomers. [laughter] You ever get some big ones? I’ve got my girls doing Raheem DeVaughn. This boy is too sexy. I can’t handle the truth, so they’ve got him. This is Latoya Foster and that’s Sabrina Parker over there. Raheem got both of these women sitting up in here.

    LaToya: Speaking of people throwing panties onstage, do people still do that?
    Raheem: Yeah … my tour, the Art of Love/Soul Sessions tour with myself Chrisette Michele, and Solange Knowles was on for four weeks. And yeah, they threw their panties on the stage. I got tipped.

    LaToya: Did you take the tip?
    Raheem: Yeah, definitely, they were throwing ones and 20s—

    LaToya: How much did it add up to?
    Raheem: Nice little piece of change—maybe $50 or $60. You know, put it in the tank.

    LaToya: What are you driving?
    Raheem: Oh, man. I’d rather not say. You know me. I kind of keep it low-key. You could put about seven, eight people in there? Nice and cozy, bed in the back.

    LaToya: What’cha got a bed in the back for?
    Raheem: On the road, you know, get a little redeye action going on.

    LaToya: Okay, okay. Everybody’s like, bed in the back? What’s going on? But it’s just for the trip, if you get tired?
    Raheem: On the trips, get a little sleepy.

    LaToya: Okay, that’s cool.
    Raheem: —start playing that driving music.

    LaToya: Alright, what do you listen to while you’re driving?
    Raheem: If you take my first CD The Love Experience, and Love Behind the Melody, you can make a pretty nice little CD. I’ve got my personal little archive joint. Not many get to hear that, you know, the unreleased songs.

    Sabrina: So you ride to your own music?
    Raheem: Sometimes. I mean, me, I’m constantly working on something. So I’m always, like, trying to figure out the missing components to a project.

    Pick up the April/May issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine to read what he  had to say about Chrisette Michele.

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